The Future of Cities

Make it Smart

Make your urban infrastructure smart with our nubsee retrofit solution. Connectivity and data drive the change into modern, adaptive, and technologically advanced city-scapes.

Sustainable Mobility

Long-term sustainable mobility is only possible through sustainable business models. nubsee supports resource-efficient mobility and organizes chaos on the roads

City Cooperation Program

We reward community organizations, local government, and social causes for providing urban infrastructure. Our display is also available for town hall information.

Integrate nubsee in your Smart City Architecture

nubsee is space-savvy. It aims to convert the traditional lamp posts to smart city devices that support a better traffic, connect people, and serve as information panels (weather updates, train delays, ad-hoc warning systems, etc.). Every street equipped with a nubsee contributes to a comprehensive mapping of air information, noise levels, and traffic pollution.

nubsee cleans up the Streets and makes Micromobility Affordable

With the city-wide integrated nubsee network, city dwellers will be one step closer to easily reach their cities. Besides, nubsee contributes to creating order in the streets. With the nubsee charging infrastructure, we offer municipalities the opportunity to make micromobility easier and more accessible than ever before. Scooters are correctly parked, charged on the street, and operating costs become affordable. 

City Cooperation Program

Town Hall Information

Use the nubsee display to provide your residents with the most essantial information – your direct line to the citizens. 

Profit and Data Sharing

We work closely with local authorities and involve cities in installations on public land. Urban data is available on demand.

Free of Charge Installation

The installation of nubsee is free for cities. We are at your side as a partner in the choice of location, installation, and operation.

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