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nubsee on every Corner

nubsee is a smart and high-resolution display that is installed where many people meet. We are at the places and locations where the need for mobility is highest. Through this dense network of stations and dynamic content, you can engage your customers with unique campaigns and maximum impact. 

Your Guarantee for Success

Our internal technology enables the prediction of pedestrian flows on meta-level and through AI. Utilizing location and time information, tailor-made campaigns can be created.

Customer Interaction

Using intelligent speech recognition and sensing technology, nubsee can interact with passers-by. This enables novel, witty and powerful campaigns.

3rd Party Information

Whether weather forecast, train delays or current events - your campaign will be even more successful with the internal and external information.

Integrated Advertising Solution

Dynamic Content

Trends, moods, and the environment are constantly changing, and your ads should do the same. Create dynamic content that updates itself according to the latest triggers and constraints.

Hyper Local

Local brands and retail reach through nubsee people where other formats have difficulties. Deliver customized and effective campaigns based on your desired territory. 


Through dynamic analysis and forecasting, we take programmatic advertising to a new level. Our AI-based nubsee technology makes your advertising a success.


Our nubsee technology provides real-time data on the success of your campaign. With this insight, you control success and increase conversion rates. 

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