Boost city transformation by smart displays and artificial intelligence

Free Miles via Brands

What belongs together comes together. Our trend-setting nubsee network takes out-of-home advertising to a new dimension and creates everlasting experiences for you. All free miles of your incredible journey are fueled by the unique brand stories you see on the nubsee. 

nubsee for Cities

Cities are constantly changing to meet the need for a better quality of life, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. We want to accompany this path with intelligent, cutting-edge technology to ensure sustainable development in the future. Cities with a nubsee network benefit from an attractive participation program.

In your Neighbourhood

We love to connect neighborhoods. Installing a nubsee enables customer-oriented businesses such as store owners, retailers, restaurants, franchises, etc. to address customers directly at the gate. The nubsee also helps to analyze customer needs.

Compact Charging Station

We promote micromobility for fleet operators and private customers. nubsee lowers your operating costs and takes away the worry of a discharged battery. The time-consuming collection of vehicles on the street is no longer necessary.  

Small Yet Mighty​

You can install me anywhere you want! Ideally, on lamp posts, lanterns and walls.

IoT sensor for information

Whether air quality or noise level, I can help make your city smarter.

Shining Bright

Peek a look, and you can quickly receive townhall information, warnings, and messages in perfect visibility.

Full Voltage

Let's charge your scooters, bikes, and mopeds without charging you!

Let’s get in contact

Would you like to learn more about the numerous functions of nubsee? You want to install a nubsee or support us? Then please contact us.